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The process of constructing a new building or performing a major remodel; be it that a home or commercial space is a monster task for many. By working with Vitale Building Company, we provide the aspirin for what many consider headaches.  At Vitale Building Company, we operate our projects by General Contracting Lump Sum or as a Construction Manager and Design-Builder. We consider this the “Open Book” process. The difference is how much would you like to know or be involved. In either process we are equally dedicated and focused on the final results; which is a completed project on schedule, within your budget and to produce not just client-driven results, but results that achieve above and beyond expectations.


Proven Winning System

Working as a General Contractor means we are providing a lump sum cost proposal from plans drawn by your architect or designer.  Vitale Building Company will provide a professional team that is perfectly fitted to the specific project at hand.  By utilizing our group of vendors which we have worked fluently with over the years, we can confidently propose to build the project at the right cost and with quality to stand by.  Our general contracting services are best suited to our clients who have already completed their due diligence and preconstruction phase of the project.

You see what We see

Acting as your Construction Managers; we can either be involved early in the projects inception or after full construction plans have been drawn.  Either way we are introduced into the project; we will be working openly as a team.  By selecting us as your Construction Managers you will have our years of experience along with our vast resources of successful professionals.  Our team becomes your team.  Our resources become your resources.  We will implement our construction management system to provide your project with a plan for success.

Inspiration from inception

The Design-Build delivery system will have Vitale Building Company involved from the very first thought of your project.  Together we will discuss what you want to do and with what budget.  By including Vitale Building Company early on we will explore the appropriate design, materials and construction of your project.  Once initial discussions have taken place we will bring in one of our associated talented design professionals to start with schematic plans and move towards fully completed construction drawings to bring life to the ideas.  We provide all the assistance needed in the design process, from selecting materials and generating a scope of work.  Our involvement through the Design-Build process is very detailed from the very first vision, to the drawings and onto your occupancy of the space.

Let’s Build Together

Vitale Building Company has the experience and ability to work well under pressure. This provides us the capacity to build in some of the most demanding locations under fast-paced conditions. So go ahead and click let’s connect to see for yourself.

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