Architectural Plans Like Google

“Just get it done! We’ll figure it out in the field”

These words are not in our DNA. A message to owners and end users. If you fail to plan then you are ultimately planning to fail at the task of building your restaurant, retail shop or beautiful home. Having a proper set of construction drawings is the path to success in any building endeavor. And what I mean by a proper set of construction drawings is by having your ducks in a row. Knowing all the materials to be used, how will the space be used, furnishings will go where and what are their dimensions, the lighting layout, switches and outlet locations, color palette, tile patterns? And that is just scratching the surface. In the commercial market, most national players have their binders of information to follow but not so much in the residential market. There is a lack of awareness that a basic set of plans creates more delays and back and forth then a full complete set of drawings. Having information packed plans allows the professional to be the best at their job and plan for what is to come. Knowing the what and where allows to know the who and how long things will take. Information is so powerful. Google for instance provides us everything at our finger tips. So imagine if you had a set of plans like Google on your job site. By investing the time and effort in having a complete set of plans; will allow you to build faster and more efficiently. So next time you meet with your architect go beyond the basic black and white prints. Invest in your plans, invest in your project. Everyone on your team with thank you for it.